High Volume Classifier

EIMCO-K.C.P. High volume Classifiers for treatment of industrial wastewater are designed to settle and dewater relatively coarse particles from high- volume, low-percent solid streams. They will make a separation of approximately 35 mesh at 5,000 GPM, and hydraulically transfer flow surges up to 10,000 GPM.
The unique construction of EIMCO-K.C.P. Classifiers permits them to handle a greater volume of wastewater than can be accommodated by other waste treatment devices. The Classifier trough is inclined and flared at the lower end to provide a quite settling pool. A Conveying spiral is mounted within the trough to discharge settled materials above the level of the pool level. Removal of large, abrasive materials by the Classifier helps succeeding equipment perform better and last longer.

Design and Construction Features.

  • Low initial cost on operation and maintenance.
  • Adjustable spiral speeds to meet most production demands.
  • Anti-friction upper and lower bearings for longer service life.
  • Replacement wearing shoes.
  • Motorized, hydraulic spiral lifting devices for easy start-up after accidental or prolonged shutdown where heavy solids build-up may occur.
  • Replaceable abrasion-resistant steel tank liner with bolted construction.
  • Sectionalized steel flights.
  • Tank is fabricated of heavy steel plate, rigidly braced.
  • The drive is complete with totally enclosed, oil lubricated, shaft mounted reducer, V-Belt drive and belt guard.
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