Cane Mud Filters

EIMCO-K.C.P. Cane Mud Filters are designed to increase the capacity of acne mud filtering station and at all same time, ensure maximum recovery of sucrose by washing. It incorporates a number of design modifications aimed at making cane sugar operations more profitable. The filter valve with streamlined passages and a system to sweep moisture from piping with air, results in the highest operating efficiency.
The streamlined piping arrangement eliminates all sharp turns in piping. Cake washing is accomplished by spray nozzles spaced evenly for minimum wash water consumption. The scraper blade and slurry level can be adjusted to get the best operation. Maintenance advantages include easily removable filter screens and automatic lubrication.
Every detail of the filter design and construction has been engineered to minimize operating cost for processors of cane sugar.

The removal of insoluble non-sugar impurities from sugarcane juice is an essential part of raw sugar production and this is commonly achieved through juice clarification.
Dirt collected with sugarcane is processed and separated from the juice in the sugar factory by Cane Mud Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters. New technologies over the past decade have enabled performance improvements to be obtained for this key unit operation. Traditional approach has been to use Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters for processing and separating mud and other impurities from juice.
Cane Mud filtration is the last opportunity for the remaining sugar in mill mud to be recovered. The goals of mud filtration are
(i) Recover sugar and return it as part of the filtrate to the process; and
(ii) Maximize mud solids retention, minimizing the amount of mud recycled back into the process. These two goals are achieved by efficient washing with water.

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