Fixed and Floating types /Low Speed & High Speed.

The EIMCO-K.C.P Fixed and floating mechanical surface aerators are available for any industrial waste treatment application.
The EIMCO -K.C.P Aerator is a highly efficient mechanical surface aerator for transferring oxygen from the atmosphere into wastewater. At the same time it provides vigorous agitation and mixing in the water to disperse the oxygen and keep solids in suspension, it is used in the Waste Water Treatment application also.
Oxygen transfer capacity of the aerator is high, ranging from 1.4 – 1.8 kg per impeller BHP hour, depending on the site conditions. High bottom velocities are also maintained. Our Aerators are provided with special gear reducers with respective motors and designed for high moisture corrosive environment also.
Fixed Aerators are fixed on the fixed platform and bridges, in case of floating; Aerators are fixed on the floating platforms.

Aeration testing facility

As a leader in Industrial technology, we take pride in Oxygen transfer testing for Aerators up to 100 HP. We have developed test pond and procedures to perform the necessary analysis to meet both customer approvals and industry regulations.
From scale-up tanks to full-scale aeration testing with R&D lab comprising advanced instruments to provide precise Oxygen transfer results and power consumption of impeller. This will result in equipment upgrades, process improvements, and comparative studies.


Our aeration equipment has undergone rigorous testing and has been proven to produce guaranteed results. Using our in-house test tank we will be able to provide service of Aerator testing for interested parties.

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