Grit Separators

The EIMCO-K.C.P Grit Separator is recommended for general application on all sizes ranging up to 60 foot square. Sewage enters uniformly through adjustable deflectors along one side of the square tank and after depositing its grit overflows a weir at the opposite side, substantially free of grit.
Purpose: The Purpose of the EIMCO KCP Grit Removal scheme entails the following goals:
Grit Removal: Provide a flexible flow sheet to remove any desired mesh up to 1500 mesh grit so that protection of centrifuges and heat treatment equipment is possible.
Grit Conveyance: Use a reliable and rugged means to convey grit from the grit chamber underflow to the grit dewatering and washing equipment
Grit Dewatering: Provide a dewatering mechanism which is flexible with respect to desired mesh separation and operation location.
Grit Incineration: Design a system that will provide grit incineration and ultimate disposal of a nuisance.

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